Interior architectural Commission, Millbrook House

Tulis was awarded the Stanford White Award for Craftsmanship & Artisanship for her sculptural sceme for the interior & exterior of Millbrook House

Tulis was awarded the Stanford White Award for Craftsmanship & Artisanship for her sculptural sceme for the interior & exterior of Millbrook House

Katie Ridder and Peter Pennoyer commissioned a set of sculptures for their house in  Dutchess County, NY, designed by Gregory Gilmarten and built by PPAPC. Tulis had the unique challenge of creating pieces that had beauty from afar and up close. The sculptures occupy the second floor of the tribune, which was exposed to the ground floor through a balcony. This meant that Tulis had to consider every angle of the piece and take into account the effects of the light.

Two tondos on opposing walls of the tribune depict Greek mythical scenes. One of the pieces is a bold symmetrical portrayal of Dionysus surrounded by Meanads. Dionysus compliments the other tondo — an intimate, asymmetrical scene depicting the Judgment of Paris.

Exterior Architectural Commission, Millbrook House

Tulis to designed and sculpted a sculpt a series of bas-reliefs for the exterior of Millbrook.

The reliefs depict the family dachshund lying on his belly after chasing a rabbit. Tulis designed the scene to follow the movement of the sun: at sun rise, the view highlights the dog in motion; the sun settles on the dog at rest. 

Photo Credits - Eric Piasecki & Tulis


Commission, C.S. Lewis Institute

The C.S. Lewis Institute of Northeast Ohio commissioned a group of artists with connections to New York’s Grand Central Academy to produce original pieces for a collection. Inspired by Lewis’ work and her own study of armor, Tulis sculpted a soldier wearing the biblical armor of the spirit.

Tulis also added a personal touch to the piece, drawn from her residency in the Dutch countryside, specifically the landscape of Culemborg. The face of the soldier is that of Tulis’ brother, a Marine trainee injured in Paris Island, S.C.


Letterpress Project, Three Marys

Caleb Ludwick, a Chattanooga designer, commissioned a drawing for his three daughters. Reproduced as a limited letterpress print, the piece centers on honored women from the Bible. Using the faces of Tulis’ family and Dutch friends, Tulis depicts the three women as forces of strength and wisdom. The work is a powerful statement of beauty outside popular norms. It asks the viewer to dwell on the elegance, intellect and example of faithful heroines too often overlooked.


Commission, Ballet Point Shoe Project

Megan Lecrone, soloist in New York City Ballet, collaborated with Tulis on a series of decorative objets d’art. Inspired by characters in the Balanchine version of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Tulis painted several pairs of point shoes, transforming worn-out ballet shoes into items worthy of a reliquary.

Interior Design Commission, Fifth Avenue Powder Room Walls

Katie Ridder’s interior design company commissioned Tulis to create sculptured decor for Jason and Debbie Born’s Fifth Avenue apartment. She crafted a 40 grid floral design for the apartment wall, individually sculpting beautiful leaves and stalks to create the illusion of an interior garden. 



Collaborative Curated Studio Show, Long Island City

Alongside New York creative colleagues David Troncoso and Victor Chong, Tulis curated and hosted an evening of art and music at a loft studio in Long Island. The works of these artists created a seamless dialogue between the past and the present. The art included themes and visual language from Medieval, Renaissance, Pre-Raphaelite and romantic works. Troncoso and Tulis continue to collaborate on projects that explore these themes.


Photo Series, Huub Claessens, Netherlands

Tulis spent three months as artist in residence at Werk aan het Spoel in Culemborg, the Netherlands. During her stay, she became friends with photographer Huub Claessens. Claessens documented her stay and turned it into an in-depth photo series. The first collection documents her process in sculpting “Soldier of the Waterline.” A second volume of photos, together with the first, spans two years and four workspaces. Claessens captured thousands of images that tell a story of an artist’s labor of love and relationships among Dutch country folk.