Working in an interdisciplinary method, Tulis creates visual experiences ranging from the fine art object & elements engaged with architecture, to band posters and fan paraphernalia, selfi portraits and performance video, exploring a range of millennial values.


Tulis views work as a craft by which to explore a personal mythology, making a platform for the viewer’s memory and emotions.  Central to this working process are drawings. In these, material facts are documented by noting the drama that arises from an interaction with the subject – they are the sensual records of a pursuit of the ideal. These gestures of setting aside and putting together are intuitive; yet also subtly question historiography, the conventional museum structure and the dogmas of the academy.

By restating forms and borrowing from age-old vocabularies, Tulis fits their work within a fluctuating set of self-prescribed limitations and ideals. So Tulis builds an outward manifestation of an inner world. This intimate sphere is peopled with, often autobiographical, exoskeleton beings. Insects, with their highly [emotionally] sensitive, elegant, yet fragile anatomy are on one end of the spectrum, while the other side is manifested in a fascination with armor and its highly designed and protective qualities. This cast of characters wanders through doorways to Venetian rooms and dream spaces as they experience betrayals, ecstasies, desire, worship: they are sensual companions of the minds fancy.

These creatures seek to escape the cognitive dissonance the artist, and the collective conscious, confront in the transience of our age.  Engaging directly with objects minimizes the input of the endless digitization of our surroundings.  Tulis’ mark makings in ink and clay strive to transcend the digital mass production, explaining their analytical postures.


Tulis is a child of the ‘90s, born in the Bible belt of Tennessee. Tulis began sculptural studies at a young age, going on to study the figure and design at a New York atelier, with a focus on historically based techniques and concepts. These academic studies of the live model left the artist looking for a more formal yet uninhibited visual language, leading to a study of objects in museums and spaces across Europe the develop a unique visual documentation system.

Struggling with a desire for the local in a globalized world, Tulis' time is divided between a NYC studio and rural Netherlands.

Currently Tulis is working to design Content for Pop band Kitten and develop film, video and watercolor pieces in her LIC studio.